Artist Statement

My eye is drawn to the physical world, how light and shadow play on surfaces, the way nature cycles between growth, decay, and renewal. I observe the beauty of imperfections, how objects change in varying light, and at the nexus where different surfaces meet. I have been inspired by these transformations my entire career.

The dimensions of my sculpture varies from small intimate experiences, to large pieces that interact with the environment. I prefer to work in steel, stone, wood, and paper, all of which allows me to explore my ideas. I begin with an idea and as it develops, it ultimately evolves and changes. This is the process that drives me.

My most recent outdoor sculpture is “Furrow.” It was inspired by the plowed farm fields on the North Fork of Long Island. I was attracted to the way light moved across the surfaces of the plowed earth, and by the vanishing points of each row in the distant fields. It is my hope that as people observe similar fields, they may appreciate nature’s forms and abstractions—its weight and the play of light and that when they view any of my works they see the world through a different eye.

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2019 - 2020

    Dieu Donne, Community Studio, Brooklyn NY

  • 1972 - 1974

    Apprenticed to sculptor, Paul Aschenbach, Hinesburg, Vermont

  • 1973

    Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

  • 1968 - 1972

    Bachelor of Arts, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont


  • 2019

    Guild Hall Members Exhibition, East Hampton NY

  • 2019

    Materiality: Hand Papermaking in the Age of Isolation, North American Hand Papermakers, Juried Exhibition.

  • 2019

    Of Pulp and Paper, Selections from the Community Papermaking Studio, Dieu Donne, Brooklyn NY.

  • 2019

    Guild Hall Members Exhibition, Honorable Mention, East Hampton, NY

  • 2019

    East End Arts Members Exhibition, Riverhead NY

  • 2019

    VSOP Projects, Winter Salon, Greenport NY

  • 1985

    East End Arts and Humanities Council, Riverhead NY

  • 1984

    Bank Street College, Group Show, New York

  • 1983

    Sperry Building, Group Show, New York

  • 1983

    Warner Communications Gallery, Group Show, New York

  • 1983

    New York University Graduate School of Business, Group Show, New York

  • 1982

    Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, Group Show, New York

  • 1982

    The Salmagundi Club, Society of Contemporary Artists, Group Show, New York

  • 1981

    “Contemporary Stone Sculptors Group Exhibit,” School for Visual Arts Gallery, New York


  • 2018

    “Furrow”, Honey Locust, Graphite, Steel, Southold, NY

  • 1984

    “Stand”, Painted steel, Cortelyou Branch Brooklyn Public Library

  • 1984

    “Opus 1276,” Vermont Marble, Otter Creek Park, Vergennes, Vermont. Grant from the Vermont Council on the Arts

  • 1984

    Marble Sculptures, Battery Park Sculpture Project, Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont

  • 1984

    Marble sculpture, South Burlington Middle School South Burlington, Vermont. Grant from the Vermont Council on the Arts